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My Vision

To promote the highest quality independent educational consulting to SCHOLARS , organizations and families. Guiding them to  to enhance professional development; and to foster career satisfaction among them/all.

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My Story

Dr. Tamara Bowles is an author, professional educator with extensive experience in public relations,

diversity/inclusion, communications, nursing education, and organizational leadership. Dr. Bowles holds

a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University, a Master’s in Special Education from

Campbellsville University, and a second Master’s in Management from Indiana Wesleyan

University.  She currently volunteers two to four hours a month for the Charlotte YMCA's as well as the

Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Schools.  She enjoys working with individuals of all ages and has a life-

long mission of bridging-the-gap to help others meet their goals and objectives.  As a demonstrated

leader and public servant, Dr. Bowles was named the Chestnut Street YMCA 2016 Volunteer of the Year

and served as CEO of the CEO Committee Breakfast – working with business owners throughout

Louisville, Kentucky promoting services for youths.  She possesses an innate ability to bring people

together while valuing everyone's cultural differences.  Her doctoral work has further solidified her

strong leadership skills and capabilities to lead organizations to success through change and growth.

As the President/CEO of Building Your Future Consulting, LLC, she specializes in working with scholars

through the college preparatory process. Dr. Bowles has an exemplary track record in tutoring scholars

through the ACT, SAT, or PSAT examinations. Dr. Bowles was recognized for tutoring her scholar, Ben

Jiang to a perfect ACT score.


Dr. Bowles currently resides in Charlotte, NC, with her husband and also a proud mother to Alexsis

Carter First Lieutenant in the U. S. Army.

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Board of Directors

Dr. Bowles PhotoShoot_Page_20.jpg

Dr. Tamara Bowles


Edward Molet 

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Charles "Randy" Nichols
Vice-President of Curriculum and Secretary 

Mrs. Anna Headshot..jpeg

Anna P.O'Neil
Vice President of Logistics
and Treasurer

David Debro Vice President Marketing.png

David Dobro
Vice-President of Marketing

Let's Connect!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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